Huerfano County Historical Society

Walsenburg, Colorado

S a v i n g   t h e   p a s t   f o r   t h e   f u t u r e .



2014 - The Year In Review

January 31 - Ludlow History Conference, organized by Barbara Yule

April 17 - Carolyn Newman as Mother Jones speaking at the county courthouse

May 17 - Ludlow Family History Day organized by U.M.W.A.

May 18 - Ludlow Commemoration organized by U.M.W.A.

April & May - Ludlow Massacre Learning Projects at Huerfano County Schools

June 28 - Hispano Heritage at Francisco Fort Museum organized by Kim McKee

June 30 - Williams Ranch Tour organized by Bruce Johnson

July 3 - Fort Massachusetts Tour on The San Luis Valley Trinchera Ranch

July 12 - Native American Celebration at Fort Francisco Museum

July 19 - Huerfano Butte Tour organized by Bruce Johnson

July 25 - Houchin Property Sangre De Cristo Pass Tour

July 26 - Francisco Fort Day - Mining Heritage Theme

August 2 - Old Trappers' Trail Tour organized Kay Beth Avery & Carolyn Newman

August 15 - Annual Ice Cream Social organized by Jerriann Vigil

September 20 - Mountain Mining Days organized by Sharon Vezzani

September 27 - Tomorrow You May Die play by Barbara Yule about Ludlow

Special Saturdays at The Fort - utilized items in the collections for educational programs and included Dairy Day, Music Day, Kitchen Day, Textile Day, Adobe Day, Adult Show & Tell, Campfire Sing-A-Long, Western Movies